Nikko Steel Kawat Las Elektroda For Hardfacing and Resurfacing - Build up MNi-200

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1. MANUFACTURERS OF A DIVERSE RANGE OF ADVANCED WELDING CONSUMABLES SECTION 9 MNi-200 BASIC FLUX COATED LOW HYDROGEN ELECTRODE DEPOSITING 14Mn–4Ni WELD METAL FOR SURFACING WHEN IMPACT ABRASION IS INVOLVED DATA SHEET NO. 138 SPECIFICATION AWS A5.13 CLASSIFICATION EFeMn-A PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The design of the electrode is synthetic, ie: a mild steel core wire with the alloying elements contained in the flux. The weld deposit is austenitic and metal recovery is some 135% with respect to weight of the core wire. A blend of silicates is used to bind the flux that ensures both coating strength and resistance to moisture absorption. WELDING FEATURES OF THE ELECTRODE The electrode is stable on both AC and DC. Initial arc strike is easy, as is restriking. The weld seams are smooth, bright and convex in shape. Slag is readily detachable. To prevent micro solidification cracking, interpass temperature should be kept to a minimum and this may be achieved by interpass cooling. APPLICATIONS AND MATERIALS TO BE WELDED The electrode may be used to weld Hadfield 13/14% manganese steel or similar, or surfacing mild steel components. As deposited the weld is soft and ductile but under impact loading, it rapidly work hardens and thus resistant to wear by friction and abrasion. Recommended for rail tracks, crossing parts, crusher rolls, bucket teeth and similar. Similar properties and application to HMN but slightly better toughness. WELD METAL ANALYSIS COMPOSITION % BY Wt. C Mn Si S P Cr Ni Fe MIN 0.5 12 - - - - 2.5 MAX 1.0 16 1.3 - - - 5.0 TYPICAL 0.7 13 0.5 0.02 0.02 0.1 4.3 Bal. WELD METAL HARDNESS (ALL WELD METAL) Hardness Values relates to no pre-heat and minimum interpass temperature. 3 layer deposit on mild steel 1 layer on 13/14Mn steel As welded HRC 20 As welded HV 200 Work hardened HRC 45 Work hardened HV 480 WELDING AMPERAGE AC or DC+ Ø (mm) 3.2 4.0 5.0 MIN 90 140 190 MAX 130 180 240 OTHER DATA Electrodes that have become damp should be re-dried at 150 o C for 1 hour. RELATED PRODUCTS Please contact our Technical Department for detail. WI-0304 DS138 Mni-200, Rev. 0, Date 01.09.2008


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